Boarding School

The Suger boarding school offers the girls entrusted to us a serene environment conducive to academic success.
The entire educational team ensures that each boarder can progressively gain autonomy, develop a sense of responsibility and learn to live in the community.
The boarding school regime is one of self-discipline and individual responsibility: it calls for honesty, tolerance and respect for others.
A team of boarding school educators takes care of the different groups from the end of classes until the next morning, under the responsibility of the boarding school director.
Our project is to allow the students to develop their taste for effort and work well done thanks to the directed studies after class. Particular attention is paid to the methodology and personal organization of each child. Students in difficulty are helped in small groups and by level.
The girls’ boarding school is open from Monday morning to Friday evening, excluding school vacations.

A family atmosphere

– 2 separate buildings: « Les Grisards » for middle school girls and « Montfleury » for high school girls
-Boarders benefit from a safe environment and a supervision adapted to the needs of each one
-Meals are balanced and varied. Student delegates participate in the « menu commissions » in the presence of the chef and a dietician
-The supervision is entrusted to boarding school educators
-Away from the noise and demands of everyday life, boarding school life allows students to learn how to learn and to develop their talents and aptitudes.
-Living in a boarding school means learning to live together in a community that knows how to show solidarity when hardships arise, but that also knows how to grant itself moments of authentic conviviality.

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